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[Undergraduate] OB Assignment Samples of Good Works
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I am a Spanish student pursuing a dual degree in law and economics, 23 years old. It is really easy for me to become enthusiastic about things I am doing or I have planned to do. I live a very interesting life since I have travel a lot, I have been in so many different countries and I have lived in three different continents. I usually live as if this were the last day of my life so most of my days I have moments of real fun or joy. And everyday I learn something and exciting things happen to me. In my spare time I always find something interesting to do, either with friends or by myself. I practice a lot of sports, I learn languages, I love sightseeing and dancing in clubs. For all these reasons I know that I am a really extroverted persona and also have a high positive affectivity.


Regarding my neuroticism or negative affectivity, I do not get my feelings hurt rather easy, I am usually very patient and I know that people is extremely different so I just take comments or actions friendly. Although, I had to admit that sometimes I worried myself too much because I do care about people and events so sometimes O lose sleep over my worries.

I am a very open-to-experience person, and also agreeableness. I am very interested in people , in fact is one of the main reason why I travel so many. I always take time for others, specially my friends even if I am far from them and I feel concern about their worries, I easily empathies with them, that is why I make people feel at ease. I also consider myself as very conscientiousness, I am very organized because I tend to lose my belongings I try to leave always the things in their place, and I always keep an agenda that let me punctual to my meetings and I do follow schedules in order to not lose time that I can use for productive things.


As I am already a lawyer, my career can be either practicing law or economy whenever I am done. As a lawyer I can have a good performance because I am really accurate and I do well with people so my levels of agreeableness and conscientiousness help me. You have to be worried about the situation and of your client and feel other’s emotion, and also you must keep an agenda to manage all the cases and appointments. The point that may mismatch with my personality is that I am so open that it would be really hard to defend a guilty part. Regarding the environment, law is a really unreliable context where people tend to be very competitive and cold people, where I would not feel comfortable in. Despite that, I did it great when I work for Cuatrecasas , Spanish law firm medium size.


If I had chosen economics I think that I would match easily in the environment, and due to my open-mind I could build an enterprise from the beginning. I am not afraid of challenges so this option would be a nice idea if I keep being conscientiousness and extroverted.


Analysis of Jihye’s Personality and the Fit with her Future Career


   The results achieved by using the inventories for discovering my own profile of the big five model clearly shows that I am a well-rounded person; neither drastically inclined to any of the four personality traits but exceeding 50 in all items. At the same time, the results can also be interpreted in a different way which shows that I am not specially developed in any of the four. By observing the numbers however, a distinctive point can be derived about my personality which is the tendency to be emotionally active in positive manners in order to mingle with other people or unfamiliar circumstances.

   Becoming a documentary producer in a broadcasting corporation is the career I would like to go through after graduation. The core competence that a producer must develop in order to create a television program that the public can enjoy is the ability to read the trend in general and to be sensitive in even small changes. Moreover, leadership and communicating skills is very important as he or she needs to plan the program from the beginning to the end and actually execute it with other team members. Every stage of creating a television program requires people to work together.

   The high numbers of ‘agreeableness’ and ‘openness to experience’ match to my future career in that it indicates my personality of going well with others to work as a team. It will also help in developing a program that many people can enjoy as myself is open to broad interests and that will enable me to read mega trends ahead. Relatively high number in ‘extraversion’ also matches to my future career since it is easier for extraverts to actively communicate with people. Because tasks given to producers are tough in nature, it is even more favorable for extraverts than introverts. On the other hand, low conscientiousness is a dismatch between my personality and future career in that producer needs to be careful and scrupulous not only to sense small changes but also to react towards them immediately.

   To put it concretely, I would like to work at Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(MBC) after graduation. MBC seeks to never sit back and constantly research to be prepared for the future. By what is mentioned above, it is referred that MBC has a progressive corporate culture trying to be open to new changes. This kind of coporate climate matches with my personality of ‘high openness to experience’ and relatively low ‘neuroticism’. As flexible mentality is almost impossible with high neuroticism, the low number of my personality matches with MBC.


2. Find your hypothetical career and describe the career, its basic job requirements and competencies.

My hypothetical career is Fashion designer. In lexical meaning, fashion designer is a person who designs fashionable clothes. Designers always have to come up with new creative ideas and they have a lot of tasks so they often work overnight. They need to have excellent sense of fashion trend, color, shape, and art. Also, they must know the process of cloth-making, which fabric to choose, calculation of unit cost and so on. Fashion designers not only make clothes that they want, but also consider the customers' sex, age, and culture. In addition, since making clothes needs lots of people, designers need to have sense of patience, cooperation, collaboration.

 3. Analyze the match or mismatch between your personality profile and career.

Considering that designers have to be sensitive, and sometimes be calculating person, since I am low-neuroticism, I am not matching for the job. However, in a sense that I have high conscientiousness, I can accomplish work on time, finish most things I start so that I can handle the heavy workloads of fashion industry. Secondly, because I am high in extraversion and openness to experience part, I don't afraid of failure and don't require much time to recharge, therefore I can do this job in persistency. Lastly, because of my high agreeableness I am socially skilled, not easily annoyed, comfortable around others, and interested in others, therefore I can be cooperative while I am working.

 4. Find out the organization you want to work for after graduation, and analyze the match and mismatch between your personality profile and the corporate climate or culture.

The organization I want to work for after graduation is Samsung (Jae-il textile). Samsung pursuits excellence, change, integrity and co-prosperity based on the right people and techniques. At first, I am qualified for Samsung because I can challenge the future with passion and commitment because I am high in extraversion and openness to experience. The second reason I match for this company is that I can communicate and collaborate with open mind based on my high agreeableness. Lastly, I can accomplish my task in time and can be responsible for my tasks thanks to high conscientiousness. However, I lack in neuroticism so I must try to be realistic and not to be subjective whenever I need to make decisions that are related to company's image and benefit.


1.     My own profile of the big five model.

2.      My hypothetical career. : Lawyer  Basic job requirements and consequences :

    One of the core competencies of a lawyer is sympathizing with others. Every visitor in a lawyer’s office is in some kind of trouble, and going through a hard time. Paying close attention to them rather than in a perfunctory manner would make a client feel more secured.

Another key ability is amiableness. Many lawyers and experts from other fields work together when dealing a complicated case. Dogmatic personality is not equitable in group work because one who has this character tends not listening to others carefully. Logical mind is important. Having eloquence would be icing on the cake but this is not an essential ability. Good negotiation skill would be helpful in arbitration. Also, concentrating and sticking to one case are crucial capacities.


3.     Match or mismatch between my personality profile and career.

   The graph shows that I am high on the extraversion scale. It is beneficial to work because lawyer interacts with variety of people. A lawyer meets many clients and has many chances to socialize with coworkers while performing work. Therefore, high extraversion scale matches with my hypothetical career.

    I score very low in neuroticism unlike in extraversion. In a positive way, it is helpful because it means that I can overcome stress easily. The negative side is that I might not be able to detect my mistake in work such as errors in logic, etc. I will have to try learning strong points of neuroticism, thus.

    Other scale is agreeableness. This trait will be shown when counseling a customer and would be very useful. There is a famous lawyer whose specialty is divorce. She attributes her success to her warm treats to the clients. People rarely seek other lawyers after talking to her.

Conscientiousness is also very high on the profile. This can be an advantage because lawyer should be very meticulous in consisting logic in order to win a case.

Openness to experience is high also. This trait might not be essential when working as a employee in a firm because law is very conservative filed. Nonetheless, one can not say this virtue is needless because entrepreneurship is a critical when starting a new work. Two lawyers who established Kim&Chang, the first global law firm in Korea prove that openness to experience can be needed to people in the field of law.


4.     Organization : Kim&Chang

Match and mismatch between my personality profile and the corporate climate :

    One of the most important values in Kim&Chang is doing utmost to satisfy briefs. Providing the finest legal service is what Kim&Chang cares the most. The very first thing a new employee learns is how to treat clients. Everything such as giving advices to a customer, progressing actions, setting goals is set for a customer. Many people are surprised at the kind and humble manner of lawyers because people usually expect lawyers being haughty. This matches with my profile due to my high score in extraversion and agreeableness.

  Keeping privacy of a client is also significant. Needless to say, lawyers should not reveal the client’s case to others. The person in charge even does not tell other colleagues about the case if the colleague is not participating in the suit. High on conscientiousness fit in this part.



2.    Find your hypothetical career and describe the career, its basic job requirements and competencies.

·    Flight attendant: Service with a smile, pay attention to all the details and watch for key cues, to be a good listener, Keep in shape, emergency controllability, language proficiency, kind-hearted, positive personality.


3.   Analyze the match or dismatch between your personality profile and career.


Match, my highest level of extraversion represents warm hearted and positive thinking. And others (agreeableness, openness to experience) shows I will have less trouble to work as a team and in adjusting many countries over the world. From my conscientious level, I might be careful in finding details and needs of a customer with fewer mistakes.


4.   Find out the organization you want to work for after graduation, and analyze the match and dismatch between your personality profile and the corporate climate or culture.


Korean air, which is a company seeking new KALMAN who has proactive mindset, multi-cultural sensitivity, customer service mind, and leadership skills. I have a high level of extraversion which represents traits such as positive emotions, warmth. And my conscientiousness level is also very high. I am more likely a person who is careful, organized one. I believe the more careful I am, the better excellence in service will be. I believe these are closely related proactive mindset which is very important within a customer-focused, team-based environment.


Also, my personality profile shows high level of agreeableness, that is, I am good at getting along with others and have likeability and ability to care for others. Often, these elements are important when you have face to face interaction with customers. This shows the relevance of my level of agreeableness has a positive potential to offer better customer service.


Besides, I had special experience to study abroad as a exchange student. For a year, I was exposed to completely new environment, culture, and people. Among others, my experience as a floor representative, usually regulates some arguments about daily issues, was a great opportunity to provide a leadership with responsibility and respect to others.


The career I want to purse in the future is an anchor woman for American Broadcasting Company (ABC). A news anchor is a professional who presents news in the broadcasting medium. In some cases, a news anchor may conduct interviews or report live from the field for important breaking news. Furthermore, they have to respond to breaking news rapidly, offering comments, interpretation, and information for viewers and listeners. Likely, all news anchors go through voice training, learning how to modulate their voices and speak with minimal accents so that they can be understood by people. In addition, this position is considered extremely high profile requiring high self confidence. Generally, to work as a news anchor, people study broadcast journalism along with humanities, science, and history in college.           

According to my personality profile above, I have high levels of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience with a low level of neuroticism. My positive emotional state and feeling good about my job and the organization will enhance social interaction with my co-workers therefore increasing the work efficiency in such a field. Moreover, with my low level of neuroticism, I can handle the hectic and impromptu atmosphere in the broadcasting arena. As a matter of fact, dealing with breaking news constantly and being able to give feedback and adjusting to instant changes will not be such a stressing factor in my job. However, my low level of neuroticism may deter critical thinking and evaluation compared to those with higher levels of neuroticism. What is more, my high level of agreeableness will be an asset when dealing with famous people during live interviews. I will be able to quickly pick up their pace enhancing interview qualities than other news anchors. My high conscientiousness level is a representation of the high possibilities of being prepared for the News, not leaving out the details of the facts to convey to the audience, and my pursuit of perfection in my work that is especially of big importance where an error is not accepted in the broadcasting field. Lastly, high level of openness to experience will contribute to the team’s creativity differentiating its merits from other programs.                                                                    

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is an American company created in 1943. As one of the Big Three television networks in America, it has adjusted to consumers’ demands over the years of development. One of the biggest reasons why I want to work for ABC is that the company is very innovative and open publicly. ABC has set out for change and innovation and recently has hired more ethnically diverse anchors than any other American broadcasting company so far. This reflects the company’s culture that it is setting out for a new frontier seeking for prepared candidates despite their backgrounds. Furthermore, it has been stated in Times that communication between the company and the workers are very harmonious. Mirroring the company’s culture and my personality profile, it looks like ABC is the company that will suit my high level of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, low level of neuroticism, and especially openness to experience.